Physical Therapy in Grand Junction

Physical Therapy in Grand Junction CO

Stephen has been licensed as a Physical Therapist for 23 years and has been boarded three times as a Clinical Specialist and is the only International Diplomat in MDT in the state of Colorado. Very specific Directional Treatment and the Centralization Phenomenon are the two primary differences that separate him from other Physical Therapists in Grand Junction. If you want to learn more about MDT or to read up on the research that supports this specific spinal therapy then go to

Why Seek Physical Therapy For Your Injuries in Grand Junction CO

All spinal injuries require an understanding of the Centralization Phenomenon that always guides the treatment especially when the patient reports pain, numbness or tingling into their arm or leg. We know that when a spinal nerve is compressed then it will produce symptoms that travel down into a patient's extremities. Furthermore, the more the nerve is compressed then the further down the arm or leg the symptoms will travel. The opposite is also true in that when the nerve is being decompressed the symptoms will move upwards out of the extremity and this is called the Centralization Phenomenon. I'm always amazed at how few Physical Therapists tell their patients about this phenomenon which can help the patient to modify postural habits or activities during the day that are warning them of nerve compression. A patient's understanding of this phenomenon is so vital that I always welcome a patient's critique of any Directional Treatment based on changes in their symptom location because ignoring these warning signs can become more problematic.

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