Chiropractic Testimonials

"November 2014 After a pre-op visit from my GP and a pre-op with my surgeon five days prior to a back operation to repair a slipped disk & bulging disk. As a result, it created sever sciatica pain from my buttock down to my ankle. During my visit with my surgeon I was reminded of the six screws & four rods that were to be installed in my L 4 &5 vertebra. and at least six months for an anticipated recovery to normal. For some reason my pain was somewhat less this day of my visit. I requested another cortisone injection and to delay my operation. I had a previous injection which provided little or no relief. The following weekend I saw an ad for a free evaluation in the Sentinel. Being desperate, I scheduled an appointment. Dr Angello explained the treatment and provided two free contraction treatments. Being an Engineer, it made perfect sense to pull my spine to realign my spine hence relieve the pressure on my nerves. It worked perfectly; It's about ten months being pain fee. I would endorse this treatment to all with a similar issue."

- Ralph Mika

"I’ve been seeing Dr. Angello for a few months now and he is absolutely amazing! He takes a few minutes to visit and see how you are doing before he adjusts you which I personally appreciate because it gives me an opportunity to bring up any concerns I may have. His entire practice treats you like a person not just a number. Definitely quality over quantity!"

- Ciera Impson


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