Hand Washing 101 With A Grand Junction Chiropractor

Hand Washing 101 with a Grand Junction Chiropractor

Chiropractic Grand Junction CO Hand Washing 101

Hello and good day from your Grand Junction chiropractor! As always, we here at the Spine & Injury Center want to thank you for choosing US as your healthcare professionals. We will continue to strive to be the best support system we can be during your health and fitness journey...

Since winter and cold/flu season go hand in hand, we wanted to ask the question: do you wash your hands often enough? Many of us don’t, yet according to the CDC, proper hand washing is the “single most effective thing one can do to reduce the spread of infectious diseases.”
The most common recommendation is to wash your hands with soap and warm water, for 20 about seconds. The physical act of rubbing your hands together in this way gets rid of most bacteria. If you have no access to soap and water, hand sanitizer will work fine. But use soap and water whenever possible. If you have kids, take some advice from us here at your Grand Junction chiropractor’s office: make it a game and have them sing their ABC’s, a verse from Old MacDonald, or the Happy Birthday Song while they wash. We promise they will have fun while they learn good hygiene!

So when should you wash your hands? Some obvious answers would be when they are visibly dirty, before you eat and after you use the restroom. But what about after using an ATM? Or pumping gas? Or opening a public door? Or handling money? Just keep in mind, there are a LOT of people out there who may not be as vigilant as you are about hand washing. These instances would be good times to use that hand sanitizer!

Remember, Dr. Angello and the entire staff of the Spine & Injury Center want to see you succeed in fitness and in health. So do what you can do to prevent catching the latest “bug” going around, and wash those hands! Your Grand Junction chiropractor’s office wants you to stay healthy so you can enjoy all the winter fun Colorado has to offer! We hope you stay sniffle-free and have a great week...


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